Victory Journey Through the Bible, The

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This easy-to-read, visual exploration of the Bible allows you to follow the action from Genesis to Revelation. The stories of Scripture will come alive as you travel story-by-story through Bible lands and times. You will discover how ancient people really lived—the foods they ate, the homes they lived in, the clothes they wore, the work they performed. Every library, home, church, and school will want this complete reference work on its shelves. It will enrich Sunday School lesson preparation, Bible storytelling, family devotions, and Bible study.

Pages: 416

Pages: 416



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This book is a unique resource that approaches the Bible story-by-story. In these pages you will discover around 250 of your favorite Bible stories presented with background information in word and picture.

  • Tapestry of Grace families: Use this book for many weeks throughout Year 1. Check the copyright of your year-plan to see if you’ll need it though!



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