Weaver Curriculum Volume 3


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The Weaver Curriculum® Volume 3 continues the tradition of starting with the Bible and weaving in academics. As you study the book of Joshua you’ll learn about exploration, espionage, and communication. You’ll study American spies, forms of communication such as Morse code, and map-making. And this is only the beginning! While you study the book of Judges you’ll be learning about the lives of early presidents, from George Washington to James Buchanan. As if that’s not enough, the book of Ruth will lead you though studies on family units, celebrations, and authority.




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This unit-study is in a non-consumable format makes the Volume reusable in later years. Homeschooling will be the heart of your home with this Bible-based, hands-on curriculum. This Volume covers K-6th grades and is shipped in a 3-ring binder.


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