What the Bible Is All About: Visual Edition

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The Bible unfolds before your eyes. With more than 500 full-color photos, illustrations, maps, and charts, What the Bible Is All About is the most interesting and user-friendly Bible handbook ever! A perfect introduction to the Bible for new believers, yet this valuable resource is comprehensive enough for pastors, Sunday School teachers, and seminary students. You will appreciate the easy-to-use, visually engaging format as you witness the Bible unfold before your eyes.

Pages: 448

Pages: 448



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The visual edition of What the Bible Is All About includes: A panoramic, big-picture view of God’s love and plan for his children, clear, concise overviews of every book of the Bible, time lines, maps, and other study helps, historical background on every key event in the Bible, how Jesus is revealed in the Old Testament and New Testament, the nature of God revealed in each book of the Bible, one- and two-year Bible reading plans, glossary with clear definitions of Bible words, how to receive Christ and become a member of God’s family, and insightful commentary by one of the 20th century’s greatest Bible teachers.

  • Tapestry of Grace families: This is a replacement for The Journey Through the Bible and then in the newest copyright of Tapestry, Journey was used again. Be sure to check to make sure the copyright of your year-plan uses this book.


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