Your Travel Guide to Ancient Israel


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Looking for a great place to visit? Check out ancient Israel! Use this handy guide to plan your trip. While you are there…

  • Discover Jerusalem, Israel’s most famous city, site of the Holy Temple built by Solomon.
  • Eat a roasted locust, an insect rich in protein and with a nutty flavor.
  • Float like a boat! The Dead Sea is so salty, it’s almost impossible to sink.
  • Listen to the music of King David played on the lyre and the timbrel.

Pages: 96

Pages: 96



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This book takes readers on a journey back in time in order to experience life in Israel at the time of King Solomon, describing clothing, accommodations, foods, local customs, transportation, a few notable personalities, and more.

  • Tapestry of Grace families: This book went out-of-print in 2015, so be sure to check the copyright of your year-plan to see if you need this title. If you do, you’ll use it as a read-aloud for 4 weeks.
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