Reading aloud together was one of the more memorable daily aspects of homeschooling. As part of our schoolwork, we did it right before our lunch break. As part of our family time, we did it right before bedtime. Yes, normally twice a day.

As part of our schoolwork, I typically chose a book that accentuated the topic material we were studying, and often in the category of Church History. For instance, when we were studying Africa, I’d read aloud a biography about David Livingstone. Another favorite was to choose an historical fiction title that went with the time frame we were studying in history. An example of this was to read Forty Acres and Maybe a Mule when we were learning about the Civil War.

Before lunch, we’d gather around in our den. I didn’t care if they laid on the floor, on the sofa, or in a recliner, as long as they were paying attention. Typically they would ask to take turns playing with my hair while listening, and so it was. (Truth be told, I think they knew I loved that and they wanted to drag out the read-aloud time a bit longer!)

At bedtime, either myself or my husband would read aloud a Bible story to the three boys. They were already snug in their pajamas and ready for bed. Sometimes we’d ask questions after the story, and sometimes not. Always we ended in prayer. We continued this practice until they left home, although in their teen years, we read directly from the Bible.

It warms my heart to know that all three of my boys do the same nighttime routine with their children now. Not only does it tell me that the memories were cemented in their minds, but that they thought it was a valuable practice.

Here’s the deal. Not only is it valuable because you are passing on your beliefs and viewpoints to your children, but you are also passing on the desire to want to read and create memories. It’s worth taking the time each and every day to do this.

Do you read aloud to your kids? What kinds of books do you choose? Let me know! I’d love to hear your choices.


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