Victory Drill

Victory Drill Book: A Phonetic Approach to Reading with an Emphasis on SpeedVictory Drill was one of the fun ways that we cemented phonics learning in our homeschool. I waited to use it until we had pretty much mastered the short-vowel words before I pulled it out, and then I used it every single day for one-minute per day, per child. That’s literally all the time it takes. The front of the book tells how many words the child should read in each grade level in one minute. Thus, we used this book all through elementary school.

You’ll need to make yourself a chart, or simply notate on a piece of paper the page number in Victory Drill, and then the number of words the child can read off correctly in one minute. When my child reached what the book said was grade level, we moved on to page two. I made it really fun and we called it our “race.” We never made it about competition between siblings, but about trying to do our best and beat our own time from the day or week before.

Yes, that’s it. It’s really designed to increase speed and word recognition. You can use it with any phonics or learning-to-read program of your choice. Let me know if you’ve tried it and how it worked for your family.

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